Browser Isolation Protects Your Network From Web-Based Malware

Light Point Web moves the dangerous task of executing web content off of your computer and isolates it in a one-time-use remote virtual machine. No website code ever reaches your computer, only a real-time interactive image of the websites you visit.
Browser Malware Isolation

Safely View Any Website

Browse to any site without fear, even if it is crawling with malware. Because you remain isolated from the websites you visit, malware never gets a chance to attack you.

Supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome

Simple to Use

Seamless integration into your standard browsers, so users need no training. Just open your browser and go.

Fast Remote Browsing Protocol

Fast and Responsive

Isolated web browsing doesn't have to mean slow web browsing. Websites load quickly and are immediately responsive to typing, clicking, and scrolling.

Safe Downloads

Secure File Transfers

Quickly and easily upload and download files. All downloads are automatically scanned with over 40 different anti-malware engines before they are allowed to reach your computer.

Full Featured Isolated Web Browser

Full Featured Browsing

Support for audio, video, JavaScript, Java, Flash, PDFs and more. Now you can enjoy these rich media types with none of the associated risks.

Anonymous Web Browsing

Anonymous Browsing

Websites only see information about our servers and nothing about you, so they can't identify you or track you.

Built by former National Security Agency experts

Why Should You Trust Us?

Light Point Security was founded by former employees of the National Security Agency. Our experience and training taught us that traditional defenses are woefully inadequate at protecting you from determined adversaries.

We used this knowledge to design a security product that could stand up to the most determined attackers, even nation-states.