Keep websites off of your computer
Keep websites off of your computer
Light Point Web moves the dangerous task of executing web content off of your computer and onto a one-time-use virtual machine. None of the website's code ever reaches your computer, only a real-time interactive image of the website. When you finish browsing, the entire virtual machine is destroyed, along with any malware it may have been exposed to during use.
Security without the guesswork
Security without the guesswork
Light Point Web doesn't attempt to guess which content is safe, and which is dangerous, like most antivirus products do. Instead, all content is treated as dangerous, and kept away from your computer. The power behind this method is that your security does not depend on the accuracy of an algorithm that decides what is safe and what is not.

Fortify Your Web Browser and Stop All Web-Based Malware

Secured Computer

Light Point Web immunizes your browser to even the newest and most advanced web-based malware. Click on any link you want, knowing that wherever you land, nothing there poses a threat to your computer. You can browse to any website, and do so safely, even if you know it is crawling with malware.

Advanced Malware Protection, Yet Simple to Use

Light Point Web was designed to be as invisible as possible. Using Light Point Web is as easy as browsing the web the way you normally would. Just open your browser and go. It's really that easy. You don't even have to know it is installed to use it!

Light Point Web is an add-on to Internet Explorer , Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome so users can continue using the browsers they know and love.

Supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome

Full Featured Security

Full-Featured Browser

Light Point Web is a full-featured web browser. It can run javascript, Flash, HTML5 and view PDFs - with complete safety. You can copy and paste, download and upload files, print web pages, search for text and more! With our unique browser integration, everything works just like you think it would. No instructions necessary.

An Unprecedented Level of Security - and Piece-of-Mind

Light Point Web offers file upload and download controls you can't get anywhere else. Administrators can create policies to say which types of files are allowed to be uploaded or downloaded, and can even do so on a per-site basis.

Additionally, our partnership with OPSWAT Metascan® allows us to automatically scan all downloaded files with over 40 anti-virus engines before they reach a user's computer.

Inspecting Files

Ensure No One Can Spy On Your Browsing Activities

Locked Browser

With Light Point Web, all of your web browsing activity is SSL encrypted, even for sites that do not support HTTPS.

Prevent eavesdroppers from reading your email, hijacking your accounts, or tracking your browsing activities.

Browse Like an Untrackable Web Ninja

When you visit a website without Light Point Web, website owners can use browser cookies and your IP address to learn information about you and track your activity across the internet. Light Point Web stops them cold. Light Point Web protects your privacy by hiding your IP address and deleting all cookies, including the infamous Evercookie.

Browser and Magnifying Glass

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