All of the web, none of the malware

Secured Computer
Virus Free Web Browsing

Light Point Web immunizes your computer to even the newest and most advanced web-based malware. Click on any link you want, knowing that wherever you land, nothing there poses a threat to your computer. You can browse to any website, and do so safely, even if you know it is crawling with malware.

Keep Websites Off of Your Computer

Light Point Web moves the dangerous task of executing web content off of your computer, and onto a single-use virtual machine. None of the website’s code ever reaches your computer, only an interactive image of the website. When you finish browsing, the virtual machine is destroyed, along with any malware it may have been exposed to during use.

Light Point Web Protection
No Malware
Security Without the Guesswork

Light Point Web doesn’t attempt to guess which content is safe, and which is dangerous, like most anti-virus products do. Instead, all content is treated as dangerous, and kept away from your computer. The power behind this method is that your security does not depend on the accuracy of an algorithm that decides what is safe and what is not.

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