Department of Defense Cyber Crime Conference 2011

Wed, Dec 29, 2010

The DoD Cyber Crime Conference focuses on all aspects of computer crime and incident response including intrusion investigations, cyber crime law, digital forensics, information assurance, cyber crime investigations, as well as the research, development, testing, and evaluation of digital forensic tools. The goal is to prepare attendees for the new crimes of today and the near future. Speakers will discuss new approaches and new perspectives.

Facebook Email Scam – Alma Commented on Your Photo

Mon, Dec 27, 2010

I received an email message claiming to be from Facebook with the subject line “Alma commented on your photo”. This email is a scam that directs victims to a malicious website. Learn more about this Facebook email scam, and about how to protect yourself.

Light Point Web Reaches MVP With 0.6 Release

Sat, Dec 18, 2010

This week Light Point Security has reached an important milestone. We have finally completed a Minimally Viable Product (MVP) for Light Point Web. In short, an MVP is a product that contains the bare minimum of features to be useful to someone.

Latest Malicious Websites Identified by Norton Safe Web

Fri, Dec 17, 2010

Listed are the 10 latest malicious websites, as identified by Norton Safe Web. Norton Safe Web is a service from Symantec that analyzes websites for safety and security problems. Their servers analyze websites to see how they will affect your computer, and let you know if a particular website is safe to visit before you view it.

Free Black Hat Webcast: Attacking With HTML5

Sun, Dec 5, 2010

The founders of the Black Hat conference, the best computer security conference in the world, will be hosting a free webcast – Attacking with HTML5. You can register for the Black Hat webcast here. Black Hat has been hosting security webcasts since July 2008. The Black Hat webcasts are a regular series of live web events focusing on what’s hot in Information Security. Each month, they bring together Black Hat speakers, independent researchers and leading experts to discuss relevant topics in security, and give you a chance to ask questions live. You can see a list of all the previously recorded Black Hat webcasts.

Black Hat DC 2011 Conference

Sat, Dec 4, 2010

The Black Hat conference is the biggest, and most important security conference in the world. Black Hat has become a premiere venue for elite security researchers, and serves the information security community by delivering timely, and actionable, security information. The Black Hat conference series is now held four times a year, and is separated into a training portion and a briefings portion. The 2011 Black Hat DC conference will be held January 16 – 19 at the Hyatt Regency in Arlington, VA. The training portion of the conference will be from January 16 to 17, and the briefings portion will be from January 18 to 19.

Increasing Website Sales: Rob Walling’s 2010 Business of Software Presentation

Thu, Dec 2, 2010

Most of us think that the number one goal of our website is to sell our products. And in a way it is. However, to best achieve that you must motivate a visitor to return to your website. During his 2010 Business of Software presentation, Rob Walling discussed how we can use permission based email marketing to increase website sales and profits. His presentation was eye opening for me, because I always thought of email marketing as ineffective, and a nuisance to the receiving party.


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