Light Point Web 2.0 Released
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Light Point Web Malware Protection

Light Point Security has just released Light Point Web 2.0. The 2.0 release was basically the completion of the scrolling work started in the 1.2 update. Where 1.2 added client-side scrolling, 2.0 provides scroll-caching. Additionally, there were some client-side bug fixes to correct issues with the newest versions of Firefox.

If you are a current user, log in to to download the new installer. Note: you must be outside of Light Point Web to download.

What Is Scroll Caching?

As described in the 1.2 release post, when we added client-side scrolling, the user could now get instant scrolling feedback. The drawback, however, was that the user would simply see white for parts of the page that were just scrolling into view, but that the server had not yet told the client how to draw.

With scroll caching, the client software now sees much more of the webpage than the user can see in the browser. This lets the user instantly see the new parts of the page that are scrolling into view, without having to wait for an update from the server.

This change goes a long way towards making Light Point Web as seamless as can be. However, you may notice that some elements of some webpages behave differently. Some websites contain what are known as “fixed-position elements”. This means that if you scroll the page, these elements stay where they are. For example, the top-bar on Twitter.

Because we scroll the page as if its just a solid image, these fixed-position elements get scrolled as well. However, the server will quickly readjust, and correct your view. This is similar to how some smartphone and tablet browsers show fixed-position elements.

If you would like to try Light Point Web, you can sign up for a free trial here (no credit card required).

Twitter Now Supports Do Not Track Privacy Feature
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Twitter Do Not TrackTwitter announced that it now supports the Do Not Track privacy feature in web browsers.

We commend Twitter for taking a step towards protecting their users’ privacy. In contrast to Twitter, other social networking sites collect and share as much of their users’ personal information as they can get their hands on. Some have also been making it increasingly hard for their users to figure out where the privacy controls are and what they mean *cough* Facebook *cough*.

However, it’s not just social networking sites – most major websites track their visitors’ behavior and then sell or provide that information to other companies. Websites, advertisers and others use tracking to learn about your web browsing behavior, including what sites you visit, things you like, dislike and purchase.

What Is Do Not Track?

Do Not Track is a privacy feature introduced by Mozilla and Stanford researchers that users can set in their web browsers. When Do Not Track is enabled, your browser will tell advertising networks and other websites and applications that you want to opt-out of tracking. It does this by transmitting a Do Not Track HTTP header every time your data is requested from the web.

The downside to Do Not Track is that websites are not obligated to honor it. Some websites have agreed to honor it, while other websites have decided not to, and simply ignore the request. Only websites that have agreed to honor the setting will automatically stop tracking your behavior.

The Do Not Track feature is supported by Firefox 5+, Internet Explorer 9+, and Safari 5.1+.

How to Enable Do Not Track in Firefox

Turning on the Do Not Track option in Firefox is easy.

  1. In your Firefox browser click on Tools > Options.
  2. Go to the Privacy tab.
  3. Check “Tell websites I do not want to be tracked” under Tracking.

Do Not Track Firefox Privacy Feature

Why Does Twitter Track My Browsing Activities?

Twitter collects data about what websites you visit in order to tailor personalized suggestions of who to follow based on your interests. It is in Twitter’s interest to encourage you to follow as many interesting people as possible. This keeps you coming back.

In Twitter’s own words:

We determine the people you might enjoy following based on your recent visits to websites in the Twitter ecosystem (sites that have integrated Twitter buttons or widgets). Specifically, our feature works by suggesting people who are frequently followed by other Twitter users that visit the same websites.

How to Disable Twitter Tailored Suggestions

In addition to enabling the Do Not Track feature in your web browser, you can also tell Twitter you do not want to enable Tailored Suggestions on your account. Doing so will also stop Twitter from collecting data about the websites you visit. The difference between the two is that by enabling Do Not Track in your browser you are telling all websites that honor the request to stop tracking you. Disabling the Tailored Suggestions in your Twitter account only stops Twitter from tracking your behavior.

To disable the personalized Tailored Suggestions in your Twitter account, do the following:

  1. Login to Twitter.
  2. Go to the Settings page. You can get to the Settings page by clicking the drop down arrow located in the Twitter header.Twitter settings page
  3. Scroll down to Personalization, and uncheck “Tailor Twitter based on my recent website visits”.

Twitter Personalization Tailored Suggestions

Do Not Track Limitations

The Do Not Track browser setting is a nice feature, and I’d like to see it gain more traction. However, since honoring the request is strictly voluntary, it’s very limited in its effectiveness. As you can see from the official list of companies that honor it, the current list is extremely small.

If you are serious about protecting your privacy you should add other tools to your toolbox. Obviously I’m biased, but I would recommend you try our browser plugin, Light Point Web. With Light Point Web, no website will be able to track you across multiple sessions, because we force it by deleting all tracking cookies. Light Point Web also offers other benefits, like true malware protection. If you are interested, we offer a 30 day free trial, and signing up only takes a few seconds (no credit card required).

What do you think of Twitter’s move to honor the Do Not Track preference? Does it make you trust Twitter more? What other companies would you like to see supporting Do Not Track? Have you enabled Do Not Track in your browser?

58 Best Startup Quotes From MicroConf 2012 Day 2
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These are the 58 best quotes from day 2 of MicroConf 2012 as tweeted by the attendees. MicroConf is a conference hosted by Rob Walling and Mike Taber focused on self-funded startups and single founder software companies. The speakers were Patrick McKenzie, Amy Hoy, Adii Pienaar, Dave Collins, Sarah Hatter, and Bill Bither. I also compiled a list of the best quotes from day 1 of MicroConf 2012.

Dave Collins – Software Promotions

Presentation: Google AdWords: Stop Losing & Start Exploiting (Really)!/JasPanesar/status/197358183260491776!/JasPanesar/status/197358663831273473!/JasPanesar/status/197360378957676545!/lonroth/status/197361825208209408!/patio11/status/197361882942803969!/mhmazur/status/197361945471500290!/JasPanesar/status/197362532132990976!/JasPanesar/status/197362988938829824!/JasPanesar/status/197363537654452226!/JasPanesar/status/197365443894312961!/JasPanesar/status/197366249527836674!/brennandunn/status/197368123123441664!/JasPanesar/status/197366785798971393!/lonroth/status/197380506130718721

Bill Bither – Atalasoft

Presentation: How I Bootstrapped and Sold My Software Company By Maxing Out My Credit Cards!/mattdyor/status/197389111605215232!/mattdyor/status/197396199085576192

Sarah Hatter – CoSupport

Presentation: Cheap and Easy Customer Support!/TheDaveCollins/status/197402568991850497!/derrickreimer/status/197403973274189824!/derrickreimer/status/197406394700414977!/hnshah/status/197406397485428737!/hnshah/status/197407100442386433!/HireFlo/status/197410119657590784

Amy Hoy – Freckle &

Presentation: If You Don’t Like Drunk Frat Boys, Don’t Open an Irish Pub… & Other Uncommon Ways to Rock!/JasPanesar/status/197441342140465153!/patio11/status/197441627239878656!/JasPanesar/status/197441867380563968!/JasPanesar/status/197442669281148929!/JasPanesar/status/197442959099174913!/JasPanesar/status/197444327272759296!/iamseanmurphy/status/197444439180980224!/patio11/status/197444624304963585!/JasPanesar/status/197445310044319744!/JasPanesar/status/197445429460344833!/iamseanmurphy/status/197445918973378561!/mikemindel/status/197446866995130370!/thatsbyme/status/197450226183839744

Adii Pienaar –

Presentation: From Idea to 7 Figures in 2 years: The Story of Woothemes!/hnshah/status/197460322771144704!/JasPanesar/status/197460394544074752!/bobthordarson/status/197461626415353857!/derrickreimer/status/197462249084960769!/annagjacobsen/status/197462427359645696!/hnshah/status/197463162923122689!/JasPanesar/status/197464788673105920

Patrick McKenzie – Bingo Card Creator

Presentation: How to Engineer Marketing Success!/JasPanesar/status/197475838134976512!/JasPanesar/status/197476806889181185!/irms/status/197478549475696640!/JasPanesar/status/197479096991752192!/JasPanesar/status/197480735991533569!/dchurchville/status/197484706290343937!/lonroth/status/197481729701838848!/jackfoundation/status/197486859486629890!/hnshah/status/197473319598043137!/derrickreimer/status/197429140192899072!/JasPanesar/status/197429214541131776!/mhmazur/status/197430012826226689!/mhmazur/status/197430903969038336!/derrickreimer/status/197432124989652992!/derrickreimer/status/197433182134607874!/JasPanesar/status/197434195998539776

If you made it this far, you’ll also enjoy the best quotes from MicroConf 2012 day 1 and the 48 best quotes from the Business of Software 2011.

MicroConf 2012 Day 1 Summary
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This is a summary of MicroConf 2012 day 1 as shared on Twitter by the attendees. MicroConf is a conference hosted by Rob Walling and Mike Taber focused on self-funded startups and single founder software companies. The speakers were Jason Cohen, Hiten Shah, Rob Walling, Peldi, Mike Taber, and Dan Martell. I hope you enjoy the insightful quotes from the speakers as much as I did.

If you like this, you will also enjoy reading the best quotes from day 2 of MicroConf 2012.

Jason Cohen – A Smart Bear & WP Engine

Presentation: Naked Business: How honesty makes you more money!/dchurchville/status/196997626552532993

“Brutal honesty is a differentiator in a world of common marketing lies.”!/JasPanesar/status/196997765337845760

“Most websites lie.”!/JasPanesar/status/197000169139609600

“Canon camera’s experiment: the more reviews (good or bad) you get, the more your sales go up.”!/JasPanesar/status/197000614213988353

“When you buy a cheaper product people expect less, they’re okay with the differences.”!/dchurchville/status/197001589205118976

“Instead of a competitive analysis chart, list the things you’re great for, and not great for.”!/JasPanesar/status/197002334675542018

“Proactive honesty: Truth in limitations earns you believability in advantages.”!/JasPanesar/status/197004274583093249

“Copy the inspiration, not the content, of someone doing proactive honesty right.”

On beating the big guys: “When you’re trialling software, our tech support is a part of what you should trial.”!/JasPanesar/status/197008112539009025

“Micropreneurs must use their advantages: All-in ability to take risks, speed, creative solutions and no legacy code.”!/JasPanesar/status/197009435288281088

“Lying doesn’t help. It comes back to hurt your credibility. Why lie about your life’s work?”!/JasPanesar/status/197010266796462080

“‘Be honest’ is everywhere, but rare. What people say isn’t what people do.”

Hiten Shah – CrazyEgg & KISSmetrics

Presentation: More Lessons I’ve Learned as a Serial Entrepreneur!/juneavila/status/197022616672935936

“Your success requires focus. When you focus, magic happens.”!/derrickreimer/status/197022924522270721

“Focus on metrics that matter. Vanity metrics will kill your business.”!/patio11/status/197023108799008768

“Don’t optimize for pageviews. 10k to 20k uniques a month can generate millions in revenue.”!/JasPanesar/status/197024396651659264

“Making money as a consultant doesn’t mean you’re furthering your life as an entrepreneur.”!/GrayAndy/status/197025457248546816

“Magic doesn’t just happen: you make your own luck.”!/JasPanesar/status/197025613545078784

“Marry the problem, not the solution.”!/dchurchville/status/197025501330681856

“Not focusing on customers means needing a magic combination of events to succeed.”!/JasPanesar/status/197027101617045505

“Don’t prove that your hypothesis is right, prove that it’s wrong.”!/JasPanesar/status/197028727392178176

“Understand: Who are your customers? Where do they hang out? How should you engage? What are their problems?”!/newfoo/status/197032265765765121

“There are MANY more ways to reach your customers than Twitter, FB and email.”!/JasPanesar/status/197032406505627649

“When you start getting bored, start analyzing the data and find the pain patterns to solve.”!/genejo/status/197033284474126336

“To be a successful entrepreneur you have to embrace the roller coaster, ask the right questions, and FOCUS.”!/derrickreimer/status/197032438835318785

“Frame your questions to potential customers around the problem, not the solution.”!/JasPanesar/status/197032092226433025

“The right growth hacker will have a burning desire to connect your target market with your must have solution.”

Rob Walling – & Start Small, Stay Small

Presentation: How to Be Profitable!/patio11/status/197061532289478657

“You can’t build a product with an LTV of $2…unless it’s an iPhone app.”!/andrewangus/status/197062986244960257

“Pushing failure into the future just costs you more money before you fail.”!/PatrickFoley/status/197063021628108801

“Hanging on longer to avoid failure does not equal success.”!/derrickreimer/status/197064045545787393

“Never try to build two products at once.”!/derrickreimer/status/197066034023383040

“Fulfilling demand is easier than creating it (educating the market).”!/dchurchville/status/197067765838905344

“Asking ‘What is your customer acquisition cost?’ is like asking ‘How much do you weigh?'”!/DavidYKay/status/197069267307466754

“If you know your competitor’s Lifetime Value (LTV) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) numbers, you can destroy them.”!/jackfoundation/status/197063427045343233

“Failure is not the end point.”!/PatrickFoley/status/197067113511403520

“Inbound marketing means finding places people search for stuff: Amazon, app stores, even Craigslist.”!/JasPanesar/status/197072969053384704

“Restructure your pricing based on the value your customers receive.”!/JasPanesar/status/197074057294909440

“What else can you offer your customers? If it’s hard to do, it might be valuable to them.”!/derrickreimer/status/197073650602614785

“Increase your LTV by 1) increasing retention, 2) increasing prices, and 3) selling more to existing customers.”!/JasPanesar/status/197074589837307904

“Increase upsells through: Support, Upgrades, Add-on Modules/Integrations, Added Services.”!/JasPanesar/status/197075674014564352

“Before raising prices, grandfather in existing customers plus market on your website for 2 weeks that prices are going up.”

Peldi Guilizzoni – Balsamiq

Presentation: Ask Me Anything!/JasPanesar/status/197081120628678656

“Give your software character, make it immediately recognizable.”!/JasPanesar/status/197081464720998400

“Feedback and community building is really important in the beginning.”!/icesar/status/197083098750533632

When to hire? Wait until you wake up sweating. ‘If I don’t hire someone today, I’m going to die.'”!/JasPanesar/status/197084216629010432

“Welcome your competitors to the race, everyone loves a horse race, and it cements you as the leader.”!/JasPanesar/status/197084992080326656

“Your job is to go to your team every morning and asking ‘What do you need?'”!/JasPanesar/status/197086251705319425

“Competing on features is very 90’s. Don’t compete on features.”!/DavidYKay/status/197088359854772224

“As the founder, you’re the generalist. Hire specialists to tackle the hard stuff and let them run.”!/lonroth/status/197088131516870656

“The main reason for doing all of this is to continue learning.”

Mike Taber –

Presentation: Losers Have Goals, Winners Have Systems!/mhmazur/status/197096971159347201

“My philosophy is that losers have goals and winners have systems.” – Scott Adams!/mhmazur/status/197098366381981697

“Pipeline most of your business using systems. Use goals to measure and correct those systems.”!/mhmazur/status/197100063812620288

“Set aside one full day each week to do marketing tasks.”!/mhmazur/status/197100434400354304

“By putting it on paper, you’re asking people to make an upfront commitment to say ‘Yes, I will pay for that.'”

Dan Martell –

Presentation: Growth Hacking!/mhmazur/status/197104012120698880

“Am I working on my most meaningful and impactful stuff?”!/jackfoundation/status/197105535265411072

“Often Wrong. Never in Doubt.”!/mhmazur/status/197105859212488705

“What am I building, and do my customers actually care?”!/DavidYKay/status/197106545119608832

“If a customer says, “I got busy, but I’ll check out your product tomorrow.” It really means you didn’t truly solve their problem.”!/DavidYKay/status/197107122629120001

“If you can flatline at 15% weekly retention, you’re doing something good.”!/hnshah/status/197107574854782976

“Other People’s Networks (OPN) are networks you can leverage for growth.”!/jackfoundation/status/197111543350046720

“When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, you will have success.”