Light Point Security protects enterprises from web-based malware by preventing any web content from ever reaching an employee’s computer. Our award-winning product isolates an employee’s web browsing session within a one-time-use remote virtual environment to stop malware from doing any damage.


Light Point Security is a cybersecurity company based in Baltimore, Maryland. It was founded in May 2012 by Zuly Gonzalez and Beau Adkins after being frustrated by the lack of viable options in web security software. After years of research and development in the application security field, we have developed the world’s safest way to browse the web.


Zuly Gonzalez, Co-founder and CEO

Zuly is the Co-founder and CEO of Light Point Security. Zuly co-founded Light Point Security to solve the biggest problem in cybersecurity today – web-based malware. Zuly heads all business development, marketing, sales and customer acquisition efforts at Light Point Security.

Zuly has over 10 years of experience in the US federal government as an Information Assurance Engineer, Security Vulnerability Analyst and Program Manager for the NSA. In her technical positions, Zuly was responsible for securing national security information systems. As a Program Manager, she managed multi-million dollar Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM) government contracts, and headed the Counter-IED (Improvised Explosive Device) mission.

Zuly has been a speaker at the RSA Conference, CyberMaryland Conference, and at a multitude of other technical and cybersecurity events. She was named one of Maryland’s 40 Under 40 by the Baltimore Business Journal in 2013.

Zuly holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez Campus, and an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

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Beau Adkins, Co-founder and CTO

Beau is the Co-founder and CTO of Light Point Security. Beau co-founded Light Point Security after recognizing that traditional methods of computer security had fallen behind. Beau heads all product direction and technical efforts at Light Point Security.

Beau has over 10 years of experience in the Intelligence Community as a software developer, security analyst and team lead. In his role as a Global Network Exploitation Analyst for the NSA he learned how dangerous browsing the web had become, and just how unreliable detection-based security truly is.

He later worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Intelesys Corporation, a defense contractor in Maryland.

Beau holds a BS in Computer Science from West Virginia University Institute of Technology, and an MS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

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Awards and Recognition

  • Selected for Northrop Grumman Cync Incubator Program – Northrop Grumman Corporation and bwtech@UMBC Cyber Incubator, October 2012
  • “Top Ten Most Innovative Security Company” – RSA Conference, February 2013
  • “Top Ten Finalist” in the InvestMaryland Challenge – State of Maryland, February 2013
  • “Top Twenty Most Innovative Company in the Region” – Northern Virginia Tech Council, March 2013
  • “BizSpark Startup of the Day” – Microsoft, March 2013
  • Winner of three InvestMaryland Challenge Special Awards – State of Maryland, March 2013
  • “LAUNCH Festival Demo Pit” Awardee – LAUNCH Festival, March 2013
  • “Maryland Incubator Company of the Year” Finalist – April 2013
  • “Top 16 Hottest Up-and-Coming Startup” – Mid-Atlantic Venture Association (MAVA) TechBUZZ Spring 2013, April 2013
  • “Most Innovative Startup Company” – Northern Virginia Tech Council Destination Innovation, May 2013
  • “Entrepreneur Spotlight” Finalist – Northern Virginia Tech Council, May 2013
  • Presented at Springboard Enterprises’ Dolphin Tank – Day of Fosterly, May 2013
  • “Cybersecurity Company of the Year” – Howard Tech Council, June 2013
  • “Wall Street Journal Startup of the Year” – Wall Street Journal, June 2013
  • “Top 10 Coolest Security Startup of 2013” – CRN, July 2013
  • “Cybersecurity Startup to Watch” – Baltimore Business Journal, Aug 2013
  • InvestMaryland Challenge Finalist – State of Maryland, May 2014
  • “Emerging Tech Company of the Year” – Howard Tech Council, May 2014
  • “Best Security Company” – Maryland Incubator Company of the Year, June 2014

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Zuly Gonzalez – CEO of Light Point Security
Zuly Gonzalez – CEO of Light Point Security
Beau Adkins – CTO of Light Point Security
Beau Adkins – CTO of Light Point Security
Zuly and Beau - Co-founders of Light Point Security
Zuly and Beau – Co-founders of Light Point Security


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