Secured Computer

Fortify Your Web Browser and Stop All Web-Based Malware

Isolate websites in a disposable virtual jail so they never get a chance to infect your computers. Light Point Web is an almost invisible add-on to standard browsers that eliminates malware.
View Any Site - Stop All Malware
View Any Site - Stop All MalwareIsolate the dangerous task of web browsing in a one-time-use virtual machine so malware can be reliably contained.
Seamless Browser Integration
Seamless Browser IntegrationLight Point Web is an add-on to standard browsers, so you can continue using the browsers your employees know and love.
Ultra Low Bandwidth and Latency
Ultra Low Bandwidth and LatencyA highly efficient and responsive protocol specifically designed for remote web browsing keeps websites quick, crisp and responsive.
Flexible Deployment
Flexible DeploymentWe can take care of hosting your servers, or you can host it on your own servers, or even in your own cloud.

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