With Light Point Web, the websites you visit run on our computers, not yours.

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Browsing the web has never been safer

Light Point Web gives you the power to browse the web with unmatched security. Your computer becomes invincible to even the newest, most dangerous web attacks.

When you browse the web, you are allowing website code from each website to run right on your computer. This website code may just be a delicious cake recipe, a cute picture of a kitten, or a review of a local restaurant.

Or, it could be a nasty bit of code that knows how to exploit a flaw in your browser. If it is, it can take over your whole computer; allowing it to spam your friends, start using your computer for illegal activities, or even steal money right out of your bank account.

There is no way to know whether the website is dangerous until it’s too late. But, with Light Point Web, you no longer have to care.

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Light Point Web Features

When you use Light Point Web, the websites you view cannot reach your computer. This means any nasty code on these sites run on our computers, not yours. However, you can still see and use the website as if it was running on your own computer. There is no safer way to browse.

  • No HTML parsed or rendered on your computer
  • No JavaScript executed on your computer
  • No Flash content executed on your computer
  • All malicious downloads blocked with our OPSWAT Metascan® integration

When you visit a website without Light Point Web, that website’s owner can learn information about you, such as your location or other sites you have visited in the past. With Light Point Web, all they see is the information about our servers, and nothing about you.

  • Site owners cannot see your location
  • Site owners cannot track your browsing across multiple sessions
  • All of your browsing history is deleted from our servers as soon as you disconnect

When using Light Point Web, your entire browsing session is protected by fully authenticated SSL encryption. This means that NO ONE can spy on your browsing activities.

  • You can now use public, unsecured wifi networks safely
  • No one else on your network can read your email, deface your accounts, or steal your passwords
  • No one can see which sites you are visiting, not even your Internet Service Provider

With full browser integration, Light Point Web is as easy to use as using your browser. Start up your favorite browser as usual, and Light Point Web will begin protecting you immediately.

  • Light Point Web can be set to start automatically, or only at your command
  • You can turn Light Point Web on and off for each tab as needed
  • Currently supports Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, with more browsers on the way

To use Light Point Web, be sure your computer meets the following requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or 7
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer 8 and higher; Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and higher