The Web Is Your Greatest Resource… And Your Greatest Threat

Using a web browser gives you access to endless amounts of data and knowledge. However, it also exposes you to 85% of all the world’s malware. With 850,000 new malware variants and 16,000 new malicious websites created every day, detection-based security products like Anti-Virus and Web Content Filters can never catch up.

Many malicious websites can infect your computer simply by looking at the page. Even worse, malicious ads are regularly placed on highly reputable sites, and they can infect you just as easily. The root problem is that web browsers work by downloading untrusted content from the internet, and executing it directly on your computer.

Light Point Web solves this problem

Isolation-Based Security Is The Future - Detection Is The Past

Light Point Web Malware ProtectionLight Point Web is not your traditional, detection-based security product. It does not work by stopping you from visiting sites that might be dangerous, and only allowing you to visit sites that might be safe. It does not work by trying to remove every malicious item in a web page before you see it, and hope it got them all. And it doesn’t work by scanning your computer to try and find malware after it has reached your computer.

Light Point Web works by never letting any website content reach your computer. You can browse to any site you want in Light Point Web, but none of the site’s contents ever reach you. Your computer will not be exposed to HTML, Javascript, CSS, images, Flash content, PDFs, Audio or Video files from the web. It’s practically impossible for a malicious website to infect a computer that it never interacts with.

Light Point Web runs a web browser in an environment specially designed to contain and eliminate any potential infections. This environment runs on a completely separate computer, so you are fully isolated from any threat it encounters.

Light Point Web’s Security Is Matched Only By Its Simplicity

Supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google ChromeLight Point Web’s unique browser integration makes it the easiest to use product in its class. Using Light Point Web is no harder than using your normal browser, because it is your normal browser. Everything works just like users expect. No new application to learn how to use, no new procedures needed to upload files, download files, or print web pages. Just open your browser and goLearn more…

Our browser integration also gives us another unique ability: the Light Point Web Whitelist. You can configure a list of websites for which Light Point Web should not be used. These could be internal sites for your business, or highly trusted sites like your bank. When a user browses to a site on the Whitelist, Light Point Web will automatically disengage in that tab, so the user can go straight to the site. When the user browses anywhere else, Light Point Web automatically reengages, right in the same tab, to protect the user from untrusted sites again. Learn more…

Powerful Control And Insights Through The Light Point Web Admin Dashboard

Dashboard PolicyLight Point Web includes a web-based administrative dashboard to manage and monitor your Light Point Web usage. The Admin Dashboard allows you to create policies to control what types of files can be uploaded or downloaded, configure the Whitelist, block access to sites by category, and much more. Learn more…

You can also configure Light Point Web to save your users’ browsing history, and give you that history in a searchable report that shows what sites were visited, by whom, at what time, what type of site it is, and how long they were there. You also get to see a report of all the files your users are uploading to and downloading from the web. Learn more…

Enhanced Privacy Every Time You Browse

Browser and Magnifying GlassLight Point Web was designed with privacy in mind. Each time you start a new browsing session in Light Point Web, you begin with a clean slate. Your session does not contain any cookies or history from any previous browsing sessions. You may not even have the same IP address as your previous browsing sessions. This stops websites from being able to track your activities across multiple browsing sessions.

For customers of our cloud-based version, you also get anonymous web browsing. The sites you visit will only see the IP addresses of our cloud servers, so they can never identify you.