Turn Your Web Browser Into a Secure Remote Browser

Light Point Web protects you from even the newest and most advanced web-based malware. Click on any link you want, knowing that no website poses a threat to your computer, even if it is crawling with malware.
Secure Browser With No Untrusted Content

No Untrusted Content

Browsing the web is dangerous because you execute unknown content on your computer. Light Point Web lets you browse the web without any web content reaching your computer.

Isolated Remote Web Browsing

Isolated Remote Browser

Light Point Web is a virtual browser in the cloud that does all your browsing for you. When you’re done, the virtual environment (and any malware in it) is destroyed.

Fast Protocol For Great Performance

Unbelievable Performance

Light Point Web is super efficient so websites feel like they are running right on your computer. Scrolling, animations, and even videos are crisp and smooth.

Unique Browser Integration for Unmatched Simplicity

Supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome

Light Point Web integrates seamlessly into your standard web browser. You can continue to use your favorite web browser; only now you are fully isolated from all web threats.

Light Point Web is the easiest to use product in its class. Users do not even need to know it is installed to use it. You can navigate to URLs, click links, watch videos, download files, etc – just like users would expect.

Light Point Web is an add-on to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Full Featured Secure Browsing

Light Point Web gives you full featured web browsing. Run JavaScript, Flash, Java, HTML5, view PDFs, and more with complete safety. You can copy and paste, download and upload files, print web pages, search for text and more.

With our unique browser integration, everything works just like you think it would. No instructions necessary.

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Full-Featured Secure Remote Browser

Centralized Management and Reporting

Light Point Web History Report

Light Point Web includes access to an Admin Dashboard where you can configure policies to control what your users are allowed to do online. You can also view detailed reports to see which sites your users are visiting, and what files they are uploading and downloading.

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Untraceable Anonymous Browsing

Light Point Web lets you browse without ad networks and website owners tracking your online activity. Each browsing session starts with a clean slate. You can hide your IP address and other information from website owners without resorting to using VPNs or proxies, which can still leak your information.

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Anonymous Web Browsing