Web-based Malware Protection Whitepaper

Why Web-Based Malware Is the Most Serious Threat to Your Business

Learn how your employees’ web browsing activities expose your business to exceptional risk, and why your traditional security software is no longer capable of protecting you.

MPAA Secure Browsing Whitepaper

Isolated Web Browsing in Compliance With the MPAA Content Security Program

With the web being a vital resource, media production companies need a secure way to provide access that is compliant with the MPAA Content Security Program. Learn why existing products are inadequate and why Light Point Web is the perfect solution.

Healthcare White Paper

Stopping Ransomware and PHI Breaches in Your Healthcare Organization

The internet is an indispensable tool for your hospital’s staff. But their web browsing exposes your organization to ransomware and other web-based malware attacks. Learn how Light Point Web is an ideal way to give your staff the web access they need while protecting your network from PHI theft and ransomware.

Light Point Web DatasheetLight Point Web Full Isolation PlatformTM Datasheet

The Light Point Web Datasheet. Learn how the Light Point Web Full Isolation Platform can protect your business from all web-based threats.