Browser Isolation Protects Your Network From Web-Based Malware

Browser Isolation protects your network from web-based malware by moving the dangerous task of executing web content off of your computer and isolating it in a one-time-use remote virtual environment. No website code ever reaches your computer, only a real-time interactive image of the websites you visit.

Our solution, the Light Point Web Full Isolation PlatformTM is the only Remote Browser Isolation technology to provide full isolation from all web content and seamless integration with existing browsers.

Safely View Any Website

Browse to any site without fear, even if it is crawling with malware. Because you remain isolated from the websites you visit, malware never gets a chance to attack you.

Simple to Use

Seamless integration into your standard browsers, so users need no training. Just open your browser and go.

Fast and Responsive

Isolated web browsing doesn’t have to mean slow web browsing. Websites load quickly and are immediately responsive to typing, clicking, and scrolling.


We couldn’t be happier with Light Point Web. After evaluating similar solutions we chose Light Point Web because it is the most mature, stable, and best performing isolated browsing product we have seen.

Anthony Lopez
CIO - Legend3D

We chose Light Point Web to protect our business because of its superior security, performance, and user experience. As a bonus, the responsiveness of their support team whenever we have questions or requests has been outstanding.

Discovery Benefits
Paul Olson
Vice President of Information Technology / Security Officer - Discovery Benefits

I have to say that Light Point Security is a very refreshing change from most technology companies today. We couldn’t be more pleased!

Budros Ruhlin Roe
Joshua Iles
Information Technology Manager - Budros, Ruhlin & Roe

We had problems with our staff introducing malware into our corporate network through the use of their personal email. Light Point Web allows us to very easily isolate our corporate network from these risky websites, while still making these sites available to our staff in a very user friendly way.

Large Healthcare Provider

My team did an evaluation of existing commercial and government solutions in this space. Your solution was an ideal fit. I appreciate the thought and design that was put into your product; many of the included features were key in my mind.

Senior Technical Advisor
Federal Government Agency

We use Light Point Web to provide our staff with secure web access and passed our security audit with flying colors. Light Point Web's performance is unbeatable, and the support from the company has been fantastic.

Lola VFX
Scott Jepson
System Administrator - Lola VFX

I have consistently been impressed with the maturity, ease of use and superior level of security of Light Point Web. Their web isolation technology is a critical component for application segmentation architectures while reducing risk and enabling agility in the business.

World Wide Technology
Michael McGlynn
Vice President, Security Solutions - World Wide Technology

I'm using Light Point Web to do research on the “dark web” on my most important laptop without fear. I demo’d the product to some of our employees. I hit a website and immediately clicked on a suspect banner ad and hit download without reading anything…they were like “you are crazy”. The download was detected with a virus on 14 of the 44 antivirus engines. Best impromptu demo ever!

Resilient Point
Jonathan Hobdy
Director - Resilient Point

Powerful User Behavior Analytics and Controls

Prevent Insider Threats

Control which files enter and leave your network through the browser. All file transfers are logged in a searchable report, and you can even get instant email alerts for events you care about.

Light Point Web Data Analytics
Manage User Productivity

Wondering if your employees are spending too much time online? Our Browser Isolation technology allows you to get insights into which sites your employees visit, and how much time they spend on each. You can even block access to sites by category or domain.

National Security Agency

Why Should You Trust Us?

Light Point Security was founded by former employees of the National Security Agency. Our experience and training taught us that traditional defenses are woefully inadequate at protecting you from determined adversaries.

We used this knowledge to design a security product that could stand up to the most determined attackers, even nation-states. As the pioneers of Remote Browser Isolation, our expertise has enabled us to provide a solution to web-based malware that delivers enterprise-grade security without compromising user experience.

Browser Isolation Platform: Additional Features

Secure File Downloads

Quickly and easily upload and download files. Downloads are either sanitized to dynamically remove all potential threats or scanned with over 40 different anti-malware engines before they are allowed to reach your computer.

Full Featured Browsing

Support for audio, video, JavaScript, Java, Flash, PDFs and more. Now you can enjoy these rich media types with none of the associated risks.

Anonymous Browsing

Websites only see information about our servers and nothing about you, so they can’t identify you or track you.

Empower Your Users.
Protect Your Business.

Let’s talk about how Light Point Web can protect your business from web-based malware with Remote Browser Isolation while delivering unparalleled user behavior analytics.

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