58 Best Startup Quotes From MicroConf 2012 Day 2

These are the 58 best quotes from day 2 of MicroConf 2012 as tweeted by the attendees. MicroConf is a conference hosted by Rob Walling and Mike Taber focused on self-funded startups and single founder software companies. The speakers were Patrick McKenzie, Amy Hoy, Adii Pienaar, Dave Collins, Sarah Hatter, and Bill Bither. I also compiled a list of the best quotes from day 1 of MicroConf 2012.

Dave Collins – Software Promotions

Presentation: Google AdWords: Stop Losing & Start Exploiting (Really)

Bill Bither – Atalasoft

Presentation: How I Bootstrapped and Sold My Software Company By Maxing Out My Credit Cards

Sarah Hatter – CoSupport

Presentation: Cheap and Easy Customer Support

Amy Hoy – Freckle & UnicornFree.com

Presentation: If You Don’t Like Drunk Frat Boys, Don’t Open an Irish Pub… & Other Uncommon Ways to Rock


Adii Pienaar – Woothemes.com

Presentation: From Idea to 7 Figures in 2 years: The Story of Woothemes

Patrick McKenzie – Bingo Card Creator

Presentation: How to Engineer Marketing Success


If you made it this far, you’ll also enjoy the best quotes from MicroConf 2012 day 1 and the 48 best quotes from the Business of Software 2011.

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