Don’t Let the Hunter Become the Hunted – Protect Your Online Research Network Intelligently

Techno Security Conference logoOn Friday I received the good news that my talk was accepted for this year’s Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference. The topic of my 2019 talk will be on maintaining privacy and anonymity while browsing the web. More to come on that later.

In the meantime, I wanted to celebrate the occasion by sharing my 2018 Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference presentation. Scar de Courcier, Senior Editor at Forensic Focus, recorded my 2018 presentation titled Don’t Let the Hunter Become the Hunted – Protect Your Online Research Network Intelligently, and posted the video and transcript on the Forensic Focus website, the web’s leading digital forensics portal for computer forensics and eDiscovery professionals. My talk focused on ways web-based malware can infiltrate an organization’s network and offered advice on how to protect against those threats. (Shameless plug: Our Remote Browser Isolation technology provides protection from all web-based malware in a user-friendly way so that users are empowered to browse fearlessly.)

Here’s the abstract of my 2018 talk: Online research of publicly accessible websites is a source for a practically infinite amount of data. But who knows what sorts of malicious software (malware) is lurking on the other side of every link you click. A malware infection in your research lab’s network can have devastating effects for your organization, ranging from data theft and leakage, ransomware infections, or simply destruction of your data and equipment. If your data is stolen and leaked to the wrong people, it may be you that is being investigated by your targets! This session will discuss the malware risks you are exposed to when doing online research as well as some cutting edge new ways to protect your network from online malware threats.

And here’s the video of the presentation. For a full transcript of the presentation, and to learn more about Forensic Focus, check out their website.

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