Get a Free Copy of NSA’s Center for Cryptologic History 2011 Calendar

Here’s your chance to win a 2011 calendar from the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Center for Cryptologic History (CCH). All you have to do is tweet this blog post, and follow Light Point Security on Twitter.

M-209 Cipher Device This calendar was designed and published by NSA’s Center for Cryptologic History, and contains one of a kind photos and information from historic U.S. cryptologic events. For example, June features the M-209 cipher device, which was used to encrypt U.S. tactical communications during World War II and the Korean War. And January features the Confederate cipher reel, which was captured in Mississippi in 1864 by the north.

This is a very unique item that’s not available for purchase anywhere. The only way to get your copy of this calendar is to visit NSA’s Center for Cryptologic History, or enter this contest 🙂

How to Win – Contest Rules

We will run this contest for 1 week. The last day to enter will be on March 6, 2011 at 12:00pm EST. On March 7 we will randomly pick the winner, and announce it on Twitter. Entering the contest is easy; all you have to do is:Confederate Cipher Reel

  1. Follow Light Point Security on Twitter.
  2. Tweet this blog post.

To increase your chances of winning, tweet this post once per day. If you are already following Light Point Security on Twitter, you are eligible to win – all you have to do is tweet this post.

What Is NSA’s Center for Cryptologic History?

The Center for Cryptologic History (CCH) is part of the National Security Agency. The CCH is dedicated to the history of code-breaking, and provides a historical account of cryptologic history for the Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, other government agencies, academia, and the general public. CCH’s many classified and unclassified publications enable today’s cryptologic professionals to benefit from a historical perspective as they tackle increasingly challenging missions.

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