Light Point Security Advances to Final 10 in Wall Street Journal’s Startup of the Year

Light Point Security selected as a WSJ Startup of the YearAs we mentioned before, the Wall Street Journal selected Light Point Security, the Browser Isolation pioneer, as a contender for their inaugural Startup of the Year competition. When the WSJ Startup of the Year series launched in June Light Point Security was one of only 24 startups, chosen from more than 500 companies across the country. We are excited to announce that Light Point Security has advanced to the final 10 remaining companies!

The first round of eliminations went from 24 companies down to 20. In the second round of eliminations, the WSJ editors narrowed the field down from 20 companies to 10. Here is a short video from the Wall Street Journal announcing the final 10 companies.

We are honored and very excited to have made it this far in the competition. Take a look at our profile page on the WSJ site to see our behind the scenes videos. And be sure to take a second to vote for us!

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