Light Point Security’s Springboard Dolphin Tank Pitch and Startup Showcase at Day of Fosterly 2013

Light Point Security at Day of Fosterly 2013We had the great opportunity of participating at the Day of Fosterly event on May 4. The Day of Fosterly conference is a full day of collaborative entrepreneurship for anyone interested in starting, growing, or exiting a business. The day was jam packed with panels, workshops, speakers and lots and lots of networking.

Light Point Security was selected to participate in two of the day’s best events: Springboard Enterprises’ Dolphin Tank and the Startup Showcase.

Springboard Enterprises’ Dolphin Tank

Springboard Enterprises’ Dolphin Tank was the first event of the day. Unlike ABC’s Shark Tank, in the Dolphin Tank entrepreneurs share their ideas without the fear that the audience will tear them to shreds. Immediately after concluding a two minute elevator pitch in front of an expert panel and a live audience, the entrepreneurs will receive feedback to help improve their pitch. It is an interactive, fast-pitch session with no slides – just the entrepreneur speaking.

Light Point Security was one of just six companies pre-selected by a group of judges to pitch in the Dolphin Tank. I (Zuly) gave the two minute company pitch and received some great feedback from the panelists. I even received some offers to connect us with potential partners.

Startup Showcase

Wrapping up the day’s activities was the Startup Showcase and Reception. It was a one and a half hour session designed to showcase the region’s hottest startups. The companies invited to participate in the Startup Showcase were pre-selected by the Fosterly team, and given a table to demo their products and showcase what make makes them so special.

Light Point Security was one of the hot startups invited to participate in the Startup Showcase. We gave lots of demos, and spoke to a wide range of folks spanning from cyber security executives to investors to other entrepreneurs. We received lots of positive feedback during our demos.

Our Thoughts

We were really impressed with the overall quality of the day. The Fosterly team managed to attract high quality speakers and attendees, which made networking at the event extremely valuable. And they did a great job organizing interesting and valuable sessions for entrepreneurs. It was a great way to connect with the local startup community, and build new relationships.

The Light Point Security team got a lot out of attending the Day of Fosterly. I hope they do it again next year, and I would encourage all local entrepreneurs to attend.

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