Light Point Web 0.8 Complete

Light Point Web LogoWe have just wrapped up development and deployment of Light Point Web 0.8. We released 0.7 just over a month ago, so this release isn’t much different. Version 0.8 is mainly just fixing the issues we found with 0.7.

Light Point Web 0.7 Beta Results

How did the 0.7 beta go? There were 2 indirect problems we found immediately after beginning the beta. After we found them, we decided to cancel the beta to resolve them, and try again with 0.8.

Firefox 4.0

The first problem is that Firefox 4.0 was officially released just before we began the 0.7 beta. 0.7 only officially supported Firefox 3.6, and while Firefox 4.0 has been available as a beta for a very long time, I didn’t plan on putting the time to port it until 4.0 was officially released. By the time we started sending 0.7 beta installers, some of our beta testers had already upgraded, and therefore could not use it.

Misconfigured Servers

The other problem is that I had a misconfiguration in our cloud servers which caused the backend Light Point Web services to run slowly. If a user connected there would not be much difference, but after that user disconnected it could take upwards of an hour to prepare for the next user, instead of the minute it should have taken. While this preparation was going on, no other users could connect.

What’s New in Light Point Web 0.8?

New User Site

We have built a bare-bones website to be used only by our users. A user can go here to create a new account, change their passwords, download installers, etc. In previous versions, we would email our beta testers a link to an installer to download, and also send them a username and password we created for them. For security reasons, we did not want these services provided by our public facing site.

Firefox 4.0 Support

We now officially support Firefox 4.0. This transition was actually very easy (like 4 lines of code easy). I attribute this ease of this transition to the work I had put in for 0.7 cleaning up our Firefox extension in anticipation of exactly this. It worked VERY well.

More Robustness

Numerous small changes which will make Light Point Web be more reliable, be faster, and be just overall a more mature product.

What’s Next for Light Point Web?

We are getting REALLY close to having a Remote Browser Isolation product to sell. In fact, the only thing we are missing is having a system in place to take a payment. So that is our next goal.

In the meantime, if you would like to try out Light Point Web 0.8, head over to our contact us page, and let us know!

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