Light Point Web 1.1 Released

Light Point Web LogoUPDATE: The video streaming functionality in Light Point Web has been updated and no longer works as described in this article. For the most up to date information on Light Point Web, please check out our Remote Browser Isolation page.

Light Point Security has just released Light Point Web 1.1. While this version contains small usability related bug fixes, the main improvement is flash video playback.

Light Point Web 1.1 allows the user to view a flash video from a site they are viewing through Light Point Web. The flash video is played on the user’s local computer, not through Light Point Web. Because the flash video is played on the user’s computer, the user needs to be sure the video is trustworthy. While Light Point Web can’t protect your computer from a locally played video, at least we can give the user the ability to decide which videos can play and which ones can’t.

If you are a current user, just log back in to Light Point Web to download the new installer.

Known Problems

While this flash video functionality works for most sites, there are some sites and cases which still need work. In particular, YouTube videos do not play. We are working to identify the problems and fix them.

What’s Next?

While the video viewing solution should work for any embedded media, it will not work for non-embedded media, such as pdf files. We will be working to extend this functionality to non-embedded media in the near future.

If you would like to try Light Point Web, contact us for a free trial.

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