Light Point Web 2.0 Released

Light Point Web Malware ProtectionUPDATE: The scrolling functionality in Light Point Web has been updated and no longer works as described in this article. For the most up to date information on Light Point Web, please check out our Remote Browser Isolation page.

Light Point Security has just released Light Point Web 2.0. The 2.0 release was basically the completion of the scrolling work started in the 1.2 update. Where 1.2 added client-side scrolling, 2.0 provides scroll-caching. Additionally, there were some client-side bug fixes to correct issues with the newest versions of Firefox.

If you are a current user, log in to to download the new installer.

What Is Scroll Caching?

As described in the 1.2 release post, when we added client-side scrolling, the user could now get instant scrolling feedback. The drawback, however, was that the user would simply see white for parts of the page that were just scrolling into view, but that the server had not yet told the client how to draw.

With scroll caching, the client software now sees much more of the webpage than the user can see in the browser. This lets the user instantly see the new parts of the page that are scrolling into view, without having to wait for an update from the server.

This change goes a long way towards making Light Point Web as seamless as can be. However, you may notice that some elements of some webpages behave differently. Some websites contain what are known as “fixed-position elements”. This means that if you scroll the page, these elements stay where they are. For example, the top-bar on Twitter.

Because we scroll the page as if its just a solid image, these fixed-position elements get scrolled as well. However, the server will quickly readjust, and correct your view. This is similar to how some smartphone and tablet browsers show fixed-position elements.

If you would like to try Light Point Web, contact us for a demo and free trial.

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