Light Point Web Reaches MVP With 0.6 Release

Light Point Web LogoThis week Light Point Security, the Browser Isolation pioneer, has reached an important milestone. We have finally completed a Minimally Viable Product (MVP) for Light Point Web. In short, an MVP is a product that contains the bare minimum of features to be useful to someone.

Having your MVP done for any product is a very important accomplishment. If you have your MVP done, you can now put it in front of potential users and hear what they think about it. Sure, it doesn’t do everything you eventually want it to do, but it should be enough for that potential user to get a taste of what you are actually offering. With that, they can now honestly tell you if you have something they would consider spending money on.

Ideally, your MVP should be done very quickly, so you can get feedback before you have spent a lot of time and money on producing the product. Our case, however, was not ideal. Our Remote Browser Isolation solution, Light Point Web, is a very complex idea, and because of that, this MVP is 2 years in development, not counting 1 year’s worth of code that was scrapped after we saw that it could never scale to where we needed it. So after 3 years of work, we can finally see if we have something. In reality, it really isn’t that bad, because we believe in the idea so much, we have always been quite sure we were onto something. Our only question was if we could actually build it.

What Is in Our MVP?

  • Fully encrypted data for everything into and out of your computer while browsing
  • Websites you browse to can not track your browsing across multiple sessions
  • Most Importantly, having your computer infected in any way by a website you visit is practically impossible.
  • Basic browsing ability (open a URL, open link in a new tab, go back/forward, stop/reload)
  • A simple installer
  • Username/password based access control

What Is It Lacking?

  • Advanced browsing actions (printing, downloading, use of plugins, etc)
  • Scalability (we only support a single user at a time)
  • Automated sign up (to add a new user to the access control list, we have to do it by hand, rather than having the website do it for us)

What Is Next for Light Point Web?

As stated above, we intend to distribute what we have now to a few people we know to hear their thoughts on it. In the meantime, the most needed feature we can add now is scalability. All the background hooks for this are already in place, so I just need to write the app that pulls it all together. With that in place, we can launch a more open beta program, or even start selling!

What do you think? Have you been here before and have some words of wisdom to share? Are you aspiring to get here too and have some questions? We would love to hear from you in the comments.

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