This is a summary of MicroConf 2012 day 1 as shared on Twitter by the attendees. MicroConf is a conference hosted by Rob Walling and Mike Taber focused on self-funded startups and single founder software companies. The speakers were Jason Cohen, Hiten Shah, Rob Walling, Peldi, Mike Taber, and Dan Martell. I hope you enjoy the insightful quotes from the speakers as much as I did.

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Jason Cohen – A Smart Bear & WP Engine

Presentation: Naked Business: How honesty makes you more money!/dchurchville/status/196997626552532993

“Brutal honesty is a differentiator in a world of common marketing lies.”!/JasPanesar/status/196997765337845760

“Most websites lie.”!/JasPanesar/status/197000169139609600

“Canon camera’s experiment: the more reviews (good or bad) you get, the more your sales go up.”!/JasPanesar/status/197000614213988353

“When you buy a cheaper product people expect less, they’re okay with the differences.”!/dchurchville/status/197001589205118976

“Instead of a competitive analysis chart, list the things you’re great for, and not great for.”!/JasPanesar/status/197002334675542018

“Proactive honesty: Truth in limitations earns you believability in advantages.”!/JasPanesar/status/197004274583093249

“Copy the inspiration, not the content, of someone doing proactive honesty right.”

On beating the big guys: “When you’re trialling software, our tech support is a part of what you should trial.”!/JasPanesar/status/197008112539009025

“Micropreneurs must use their advantages: All-in ability to take risks, speed, creative solutions and no legacy code.”!/JasPanesar/status/197009435288281088

“Lying doesn’t help. It comes back to hurt your credibility. Why lie about your life’s work?”!/JasPanesar/status/197010266796462080

“‘Be honest’ is everywhere, but rare. What people say isn’t what people do.”

Hiten Shah – CrazyEgg & KISSmetrics

Presentation: More Lessons I’ve Learned as a Serial Entrepreneur!/juneavila/status/197022616672935936

“Your success requires focus. When you focus, magic happens.”!/derrickreimer/status/197022924522270721

“Focus on metrics that matter. Vanity metrics will kill your business.”!/patio11/status/197023108799008768

“Don’t optimize for pageviews. 10k to 20k uniques a month can generate millions in revenue.”!/JasPanesar/status/197024396651659264

“Making money as a consultant doesn’t mean you’re furthering your life as an entrepreneur.”!/GrayAndy/status/197025457248546816

“Magic doesn’t just happen: you make your own luck.”!/JasPanesar/status/197025613545078784

“Marry the problem, not the solution.”!/dchurchville/status/197025501330681856

“Not focusing on customers means needing a magic combination of events to succeed.”!/JasPanesar/status/197027101617045505

“Don’t prove that your hypothesis is right, prove that it’s wrong.”!/JasPanesar/status/197028727392178176

“Understand: Who are your customers? Where do they hang out? How should you engage? What are their problems?”!/newfoo/status/197032265765765121

“There are MANY more ways to reach your customers than Twitter, FB and email.”!/JasPanesar/status/197032406505627649

“When you start getting bored, start analyzing the data and find the pain patterns to solve.”!/genejo/status/197033284474126336

“To be a successful entrepreneur you have to embrace the roller coaster, ask the right questions, and FOCUS.”!/derrickreimer/status/197032438835318785

“Frame your questions to potential customers around the problem, not the solution.”!/JasPanesar/status/197032092226433025

“The right growth hacker will have a burning desire to connect your target market with your must have solution.”

Rob Walling – & Start Small, Stay Small

Presentation: How to Be Profitable!/patio11/status/197061532289478657

“You can’t build a product with an LTV of $2…unless it’s an iPhone app.”!/andrewangus/status/197062986244960257

“Pushing failure into the future just costs you more money before you fail.”!/PatrickFoley/status/197063021628108801

“Hanging on longer to avoid failure does not equal success.”!/derrickreimer/status/197064045545787393

“Never try to build two products at once.”!/derrickreimer/status/197066034023383040

“Fulfilling demand is easier than creating it (educating the market).”!/dchurchville/status/197067765838905344

“Asking ‘What is your customer acquisition cost?’ is like asking ‘How much do you weigh?'”!/DavidYKay/status/197069267307466754

“If you know your competitor’s Lifetime Value (LTV) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) numbers, you can destroy them.”!/jackfoundation/status/197063427045343233

“Failure is not the end point.”!/PatrickFoley/status/197067113511403520

“Inbound marketing means finding places people search for stuff: Amazon, app stores, even Craigslist.”!/JasPanesar/status/197072969053384704

“Restructure your pricing based on the value your customers receive.”!/JasPanesar/status/197074057294909440

“What else can you offer your customers? If it’s hard to do, it might be valuable to them.”!/derrickreimer/status/197073650602614785

“Increase your LTV by 1) increasing retention, 2) increasing prices, and 3) selling more to existing customers.”!/JasPanesar/status/197074589837307904

“Increase upsells through: Support, Upgrades, Add-on Modules/Integrations, Added Services.”!/JasPanesar/status/197075674014564352

“Before raising prices, grandfather in existing customers plus market on your website for 2 weeks that prices are going up.”

Peldi Guilizzoni – Balsamiq

Presentation: Ask Me Anything!/JasPanesar/status/197081120628678656

“Give your software character, make it immediately recognizable.”!/JasPanesar/status/197081464720998400

“Feedback and community building is really important in the beginning.”!/icesar/status/197083098750533632

When to hire? Wait until you wake up sweating. ‘If I don’t hire someone today, I’m going to die.'”!/JasPanesar/status/197084216629010432

“Welcome your competitors to the race, everyone loves a horse race, and it cements you as the leader.”!/JasPanesar/status/197084992080326656

“Your job is to go to your team every morning and asking ‘What do you need?'”!/JasPanesar/status/197086251705319425

“Competing on features is very 90’s. Don’t compete on features.”!/DavidYKay/status/197088359854772224

“As the founder, you’re the generalist. Hire specialists to tackle the hard stuff and let them run.”!/lonroth/status/197088131516870656

“The main reason for doing all of this is to continue learning.”

Mike Taber –

Presentation: Losers Have Goals, Winners Have Systems!/mhmazur/status/197096971159347201

“My philosophy is that losers have goals and winners have systems.” – Scott Adams!/mhmazur/status/197098366381981697

“Pipeline most of your business using systems. Use goals to measure and correct those systems.”!/mhmazur/status/197100063812620288

“Set aside one full day each week to do marketing tasks.”!/mhmazur/status/197100434400354304

“By putting it on paper, you’re asking people to make an upfront commitment to say ‘Yes, I will pay for that.'”

Dan Martell –

Presentation: Growth Hacking!/mhmazur/status/197104012120698880

“Am I working on my most meaningful and impactful stuff?”!/jackfoundation/status/197105535265411072

“Often Wrong. Never in Doubt.”!/mhmazur/status/197105859212488705

“What am I building, and do my customers actually care?”!/DavidYKay/status/197106545119608832

“If a customer says, “I got busy, but I’ll check out your product tomorrow.” It really means you didn’t truly solve their problem.”!/DavidYKay/status/197107122629120001

“If you can flatline at 15% weekly retention, you’re doing something good.”!/hnshah/status/197107574854782976

“Other People’s Networks (OPN) are networks you can leverage for growth.”!/jackfoundation/status/197111543350046720

“When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, you will have success.”