Microsoft Releases Emergency Patch for Internet Explorer to Address Critical Vulnerability

Internet ExplorerBrowser vendors releasing patches to address discovered vulnerabilities is nothing new and happens all the time. However, it is much more interesting when an emergency patch is released because the browser vendor has discovered a vulnerability that is actively being used by attackers.

This is one of those cases. Because of the security implications, there are still very little details released on the vulnerability itself. Dubbed CVE-2018-8653, this vulnerability looks to be a flaw in IE’s JavaScript engine. This means a user could fall victim to it just by loading an infected website, no other interaction is necessary. These are the most dangerous types of threats.

According to the CVE details, this vulnerability has been in place for many years. Even versions of IE9 are affected. Who knows how long attackers have been using this vulnerability to infect users’ computers. The patch has been released for this specific threat, so IE users should update immediately.

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