Say Hello to Our New CEO – Zuly Gonzalez

Zuly Gonzalez - CEO of Light Point Security
Zuly Gonzalez – CEO

When I first had the idea for what is now Light Point Web years ago, I knew that I needed a partner to help me turn it into a business. Zuly Gonzalez joined me as that partner, and her initial role was as our CFO. After things got rolling with our company, it quickly became obvious that she could do much more than that. So we refocused our roles: I would be the CEO and CTO, and she would be the COO and CFO.

But if you have ever met or talked to Zuly, you will know she never fails to impress. She has been doing a lot of public speaking for our company, she talks to customers, she coordinates sales, pilots, and partnerships, and she keeps us in the news.

In short, she has become the face of the company. Light Point Security is a high tech company on the bleeding edge of the next wave of computer security. As such, my role as CTO leaves me with no time to perform the CEO role. All these things combined left me with a decision to make with an obvious answer.

I have decided to step down as the official CEO of Light Point Security, and name Zuly Gonzalez as the new CEO.

These roles are better suited to each of our skillsets. Zuly has been performing above and beyond as our COO, so if she keeps doing what she has been, she will be a terrific CEO. I can now stay focused on what I do best; making technical innovations and keeping our customers safe online.

Please send your congratulations and wishes of good luck to Zuly on Twitter at @ZulyGonz.

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