SmartCEO Magazine Talks to Beau Adkins About Overcoming Challenges

SmartCEO LogoSmartCEO magazine recently published a story about how real CEOs overcome the challenges they face day-to-day. Our own CEO, Beau Adkins, was featured in the story. SmartCEO is an exclusive community of CEOs and business executives, highly regarded mentors and well-respected thought leaders whose experiences benefit their own organizations and the communities in which they serve. SmartCEO’s mission is to educate and inspire the business community.

Beau was asked about some of the most common challenges he faces day-to-day at our Browser Isolation company, Light Point Security, and how he overcomes them. His answers are below…

Beau Adkins in SmartCEO MagazineWhen we first approach people at shows or when giving demos, I can tell they think we are just going to show them something they have seen 1,000 times before. But when we show them we are actually doing something that hasn’t been done before, their eyes light up, and they start getting excited. The other challenge is that the security industry is totally based on trust. Customers have to trust that you have the ability to do what you say you can. If someone doesn’t have a very high level of trust in your company, there is no way they will buy your product. This trust takes a long time to build.

The old adage, “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door,” is flat-out wrong. Building a better mousetrap is comparatively easy. The hard part is getting anyone to care.

Another surprise to me is the importance of networking. For a technical introvert like me, the thought of going to an event to meet and talk to strangers makes me shudder. But I have learned that this is something you have to do. When you build a network of people you know and, more importantly, people that know you, it starts to pay off. Eventually you will have a large group of people you can call on for help when you need it. These people may also come across an opportunity that is perfect for you, so they can connect you to the opportunity.

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