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An in-depth market research survey conducted by Osterman Research, Inc. reveals that users spend at least 3 hours per work day using various web properties, 18.5M of which are infected with malware at any given time.

(Baltimore, MD) – January 22, 2019 – Light Point Security, the pioneer of Browser Isolation, today announced the results of a study investigating challenges faced by enterprise security teams due to web-borne threats and how they can address these challenges. This one-of-a kind research paper covers all important aspects of the dangers of web browsing, why users are an enormous risk and why Browser Isolation is essential.

The study confirms that web browsing is dangerous and the problem is getting worse. 99 percent of the organizations surveyed permit employees to access the Internet, and 60 percent of all surveyed have at some point been infected with ransomware, other malware or some other threat directly as a result of employee web browsing. Moreover, 30 percent of organizations have suffered data loss directly as a result of employees browsing the web on company networks.

The results of these breaches can be debilitating to some organizations, costing both money and resources to clean up what employees accidentally leave behind when they browse the open web without adequate security measures.

“This study illustrates a number of serious consequences that can result from unfettered use of the web,” said Michael Osterman, President at Osterman Research. “To make web browsing dramatically safer, organizations should deploy browser isolation technology. Using this technology will preserve the integrity of the end user experience, while at the same time prevent malicious content from reaching the endpoint.”

“One goal for this unique study was to gain better insights into today’s major security-related pain points for organizations,” said Zuly Gonzalez, CEO of Light Point Security. “The study revealed that not only do organizations get breached due to web-borne threats, but they are also not prepared to address the challenges amidst evolving threats. The key to effective enterprise security is Browser Isolation, and the research report does a great job of highlighting the benefits of Browser Isolation for all organizations.”

For a copy of the research paper, see:

Browser Isolation ensures no malicious web content ever reaches the corporate network by isolating all browsing activity into a remote virtual environment.

Browser Isolation offers cost and performance benefits over traditional web security, and offers other key benefits, including:

  • Protection from malicious links and downloads
  • Reduced number of security alerts
  • Data loss prevention
  • Protection of user’s online identity
  • User behavior analytics

With Browser Isolation, organizations get a cost-effective way to balance employees’ needs for productivity, while at the same time ensuring that the web does not create an avenue for threats to do damage on the corporate network.

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Light Point Security protects organizations from browser-based attacks. Founded by National Security Agency cybersecurity veterans, they pioneered the concept of remote browser isolation to eliminate web-based threats without impacting user experience.

The company’s flagship product ensures no malicious web content ever reaches enterprise endpoints by isolating all browsing activity into a remote virtual environment. Its power, seamlessness, and high performance allow it to be used for all personal and work-related web browsing. For more information visit or email

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