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Light Point Web uses Metascan to scan downloads with 40+ anti-malware engines to provide users with advanced threat protection

Baltimore, MD – June 02, 2015 – Light Point Security, provider of safe web browsing solutions, today announced the integration of OPSWAT’s multi anti-malware scanner Metascan into their product Light Point Web. Light Point Web users can now rest assured that every file is thoroughly scanned by Metascan Online with 40+ anti-malware engines before downloading.

Light Point Web is a browser plugin that provides safe web browsing to users by transparently launching browsing sessions on a remote virtual machine. This means that whether a website’s code is malicious or not, the user’s computer will never be exposed to it. When the user ends the browsing session, the one-time use virtual machine is automatically destroyed, along with any malware it may have been exposed to.

In order to provide safe downloads to users, Light Point Security has integrated Metascan’s fast multi-scanning technology. Before a file is downloaded onto the user’s system, Metascan Online scans the file with 40+ anti-malware engines, using hash lookups on previous results for optimized processing. By checking files against a database of millions of malware signatures, Metascan Online provides robust malware protection and optimized new threat detection. If the file is found to contain a threat, the download will be blocked.

Zuly Gonzalez, Co-founder and CEO of Light Point Security, said: “Metascan gives our users the peace of mind that their downloads are malware free, and relieves Light Point Security from the task of having to license, maintain and continually update multiple anti-malware engines.”

Mike Spykerman, Vice President of Product Management at OPSWAT said: “We are thrilled with the integration of our product Metascan into Light Point Web. Metascan’s fast multi-scanning technology results in significantly higher malware detection rates and provides Light Point Web users with optimal threat detection”.

About Metascan
Metascan is a powerful and flexible multi-scanning solution that can quickly scan files with multiple anti-malware engines to detect and block advanced threats. By using up to 40 anti-malware engines from vendors like Symantec, ESET, McAfee, and many others, Metascan technology increases detection rates for all types of malware without the hassle of licensing and maintaining multiple antivirus engines. Engines integrated into Metascan are optimized to scan simultaneously for fast, high performance scanning. An evaluation version of Metascan is available from the OPSWAT portal.

About Light Point Security
Light Point Security is an award-winning Baltimore-based cyber security company that offers an innovative solution for safe web browsing for consumers, SMBs and enterprises. Light Point Web protects users by installing a browser plugin that transparently launches browsing sessions on a remote virtual machine so that no website content ever reaches their computers. A 14-day trial version is available from the Light Point Security website.

OPSWAT is a San Francisco-based software company that provides solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure. Founded in 2002, OPSWAT delivers solutions that provide manageability of endpoints and networks, and that help organizations protect against zero day attacks by using multiple antivirus engine scanning and document sanitization. OPSWAT’s intuitive applications and comprehensive development kits are deployed by SMB, enterprise and OEM customers to more than 100 million endpoints worldwide.

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