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With this latest release, Light Point Web is the only browser isolation platform to offer both a simple plug-in deployment option and a device-agnostic clientless deployment option for unrivaled flexibility

(Baltimore, MD) – February 19, 2019 – Light Point Security, the pioneer of Browser Isolation, today announced the launch of its clientless version included in the latest release of its browser isolation platform, Light Point Web, making it the most flexible browser isolation platform on the market. Light Point Web is now the only browser isolation solution that can be deployed as a simple browser plug-in or through a clientless HTML5 interface.

Light Point Security’s Remote Browser Isolation technology moves all web content to a remote isolated environment and sends only a safe visual stream to a user’s computer. By isolating the user’s browsing activity in a protected virtual environment, web content never gets a chance to infect the corporate network. If malware is encountered by the user, it is contained in the remote virtual environment where it can do no harm and is unable to access any corporate data.

With the release of the clientless version, Light Point Web easily meets the requirements of any company needing a simple, yet powerful, solution to preventing all web-based threats, from highly secure networks that require total control over the devices that are granted access to more flexible environments and guest networks that provide their users with more freedom and choices.

The plug-in version of Light Point Web provides the highest degree of isolation available on the market and features simple user authentication options, making it ideal for highly controlled environments. The clientless version of Light Point Web offers a streamlined deployment process and is device-agnostic, making it ideal for mobile devices, Chromebooks, and BYOD environments. Any organization, no matter its size, complexity, or the types of devices in its network, can take advantage of the unbeatable level of flexibility, choices, and security offered by Light Point Security’s Remote Browser Isolation technology.

“Our number one priority at Light Point Security is always customer satisfaction,” said Beau Adkins, Co-founder and CTO of Light Point Security. “Whether it is our plug-in version, clientless version, public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise options, we have the perfect deployment option for any customer. No other browser isolation vendor even comes close to matching our flexibility.”

“When it comes to security, there is no one-size-fits-all solution,” said Zuly Gonzalez, Co-founder and CEO of Light Point Security. “And I couldn’t be more proud of the flexibility and wide options we offer our customers, so they can choose what best meets their requirements and preferences. Some customers have ultra-secure networks that only allow access to devices they administer and control. While other customers have more fluid networks that may allow devices they don’t fully control, for example in the case of guests and employees that bring their own devices. Each situation comes with its own unique set of requirements, and we have a browser isolation solution that perfectly fits into any organization.”

The clientless deployment option is currently available to select customers and will be made generally available in Q2 2019.

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Light Point Security protects organizations from browser-based attacks. Founded by National Security Agency cybersecurity veterans, they pioneered the concept of remote browser isolation to eliminate web-based threats without impacting user experience. The company’s flagship product ensures no malicious web content ever reaches enterprise endpoints by isolating all browsing activity into a remote virtual environment. Its power, seamlessness, and high performance allow it to be used for all personal and work-related web browsing. For more information visit or email

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