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With unrivaled performance, security and ease of use, Light Point Security’s latest offering further solidifies its position as the most advanced browser isolation platform

Baltimore, MD (June 28, 2016) – Light Point Security, creators of the most powerful browser isolation platform, announces today the release of Light Point Web 4.0, further solidifying their position in the marketplace as the only true browser isolation platform that doesn’t compromise performance or ease of use. With Light Point Web 4.0, Light Point Security’s Full Isolation Platform further enhances the capabilities of the Administrative Dashboard, boosts performance, and officially launches the Chrome version out of beta.

The enhancements to the Light Point Web Administrative Dashboard give customers more power than ever. Light Point Web’s impressive list of features now includes immediate alerts for security incidents, rich policies to control what users are allowed to do while browsing the web, and data analytics into user behavior organized into easy-to-read reports.

The 4.0 release also includes several performance enhancements and optimizations. One of the biggest optimizations is the inclusion of an integrated ad blocker. The Light Point Web ad blocker improves page load speed, reduces unnecessary bandwidth, and removes invasive trackers. Performance improvements for video streaming have also been added that allow for even smoother playback of high definition videos.

Lastly, with the official Chrome version release, Light Point Web’s unique combination of simplicity and full browsing isolation is now available for all major web browsers. Enterprises can now protect their network from web-borne malware while giving their users the freedom to continue using their favorite browser.

“The team at Light Point Security are very proud of all the enhancements, features, and capabilities now available in Light Point Web 4.0,” said Beau Adkins, CTO of Light Point Security. “No one can do isolated browsing like we can, and that fact has never been as clear as in the 4.0 release. Our customers have been as thrilled with Light Point Web’s improved functionality and performance as we have.”

“We couldn’t be happier with Light Point Web,” said Anthony Lopez, CIO of Legend3D. “After evaluating similar solutions we chose Light Point Web because it is the most mature, stable, and best performing isolated browsing product we have seen. These latest enhancements only add to its superior standing in the marketplace.”

About Light Point Security
Light Point Security is an award-winning and internationally recognized cybersecurity company that offers an innovative solution for malware-free web browsing for consumers, SMBs, enterprises and government agencies. Its flagship product, Light Point Web, protects users by transparently isolating browsing sessions in a remote virtual environment so no website content ever reaches their computers. The Light Point Web isolated browsing platform also provides privacy and anonymity while browsing the web, and data analytics into user behavior. For more information visit or follow @LightPointSec on Twitter.

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