Powerful Policy Editor Puts You in Control of Your Users’ Browsing

Light Point Web allows you to segment your users into related groups, and lets you configure a usage policy for each group. This gives you a simple way to control what users are allowed to do while browsing through Light Point Web.

Block Sites by Category

Just because Light Point Web can protect you from any malicious website doesn’t mean you necessarily want to give your users full freedom online. The Blocked Sites Policy gives you the power to restrict access to sites based on their category. With over 80 categories to choose from, this policy setting makes it easy to keep your users off of objectionable, time-wasting, or legally questionable sites.

Blocked Categories

Restrict Downloads and Uploads by Type and Site

Downloads are one of the easiest paths for malware to get a foothold into your network. The Light Point Web Download Policy gives administrators full control over which users are permitted to download which types of files, from which websites. This powerful setting puts you in full control over what files enter your network from the web.

Download And Upload Policy

Light Point Web’s Upload Policy can help you implement strong Data Loss Prevention controls by allowing you to control which files leave your network. Much like the Download Policy, you can restrict uploads based on user, file type, and/or destination website.

Intuitive Reporting Engine Gives You Insights Into Your Users’ Online Activities

Light Point Web can be configured to retain information and statistics about what your users are doing online. The Admin Dashboard lets you view this information in a clean, simple and searchable interface.

Monitor What Sites Your Users Are Visiting

The Web History report shows the full URL of every website each user visits, the time of each visit, how long they spent on the site, and the category of the website.

LPW Web History Report

If you have the Blocked Categories policy configured, you can also see which disallowed sites users attempted to view. This report can be searched by group/user, domain name, and/or date range.

This report also gives you intuitive charts that display usage statistics. At a glance see which of your users are spending the most time online, the most visited websites, and the most visited site categories.

Easily Track What Files Are Entering and Leaving Your Network

The File Transfer report gives you a record of all your users’ file uploads and downloads. Beyond basic information like username, file name, file size and website, you can also see downloads that were blocked by your policy settings, or because they were malicious.

Download Report

You also get a quick link to see anti-malware scan results from over 40 different engines from our partner OPSWAT Metascan®.

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