Enjoy Rich Content With None of the Risk

Full Featured Browser

Light Point Web has built-in support for audio and video, including Flash and HTML5. You can watch videos from the web without running this dangerous, untrusted content on your computer. And even rich media like audio and video play smoothly.

Light Point Web also gives you an integrated PDF viewer, so you can safely view PDFs on the web.

With Light Point Web, you can view all the rich web content you want, with none of the associated risks.

Simple Downloads and Uploads With Automatic Anti-Malware Scanning

Light Point Web supports file downloads and uploads, and does so in a simple way. The user does not need to use a special procedure to transfer a file to or from their desktop. It is simple, seamless, and secure. When downloading files from the web, Light Point Web gives you high level of assurance that they are safe.

LPS download threat detected

Administrators can set up a download policy to manage which files can be downloaded and which ones can’t. For those files cleared by the policy, Light Point Web automatically scans them with over 40 different anti-malware engines before delivering them to your computer with our OPSWAT Metascan® integration.

Easily Segregate Your Trusted and Untrusted Browsing

There are some sites that you trust completely (like your bank), and some sites that you need to access directly (like your corporate intranet sites). You can enter these sites on the Light Point Web Whitelist to allow your browser to load these sites directly on your computer, while still protecting you from all other sites.

LPW Whitelist

When a user browses to a site that is on the whitelist, Light Point Web will automatically disengage, so your browser can open the site directly. When the user browses anywhere else, Light Point Web automatically reengages, so you can again view untrusted sites safely. This all happens seamlessly in the same tab. No switching between windows or applications.

Light Point Web can also be configured to only run on-demand at the user’s discretion with the click of a mouse.

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