Anonymous Web Browsing

Anonymous BrowsingCustomers of our cloud-based version enjoy anonymous web browsing. The sites you visit can’t identify you or your location, because they only see our IP addresses, not yours.

Commonly used tools for anonymous web browsing like VPNs and proxies are complicated to set up and are not designed for anonymity. Most web proxies add a header that reveals your true IP address to every website you visit. The anonymity provided by Light Point Web does not rely on complicated or detectable methods like other solutions.

No One Can Eavesdrop on Your Browsing Activities

Encrypted BrowserWhen using Light Point Web, all of your web browsing activity is encrypted, even for sites that do not support encryption. This prevents eavesdroppers from reading your email, hijacking your accounts, or tracking your browsing activities.

The traffic between the Light Point Web client and server is TLS encrypted and dual-authenticated. No one can decrypt or alter this traffic en-route. Not even your ISP can see which sites you are visiting.

Stop Websites From Tracking You

Browser and Magnifying GlassWebsites and ad networks use tracking cookies to collect detailed information about what sites you visit, and what you do on those sites. This private information can then be sold to or shared with others. Light Point Web stops this cold. Light Point Web destroys all types of cookies between sessions.

With Light Point Web, websites have no way to link one browsing session to the next.

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