Web-based Malware Prevention

Use Light Point Web for all web browsing to protect your network from drive-by downloads, Java and Flash exploits, and any other threat on the web.

Employee Browsing Analytics

By using Light Point Web, you get detailed statistics about your employee’s browsing activity. Get insightful reports about how long users are browsing, and on which sites they spend their time.

MPAA Content Security

Media companies must comply with strict network security regulations. Light Point Web is one of the few approved methods to access the web from within the content production network.

PCI-DSS Compliance

Merchants who accept customer credit card data must comply with PCI-DSS. Light Point Web is one of the few approved methods to browse the web from within the cardholder data network.

Anonymous Web Browsing

When using Light Point Web Cloud, websites are unable to determine your IP address or location. They can only see information about our cloud servers, and nothing about you.

Data Loss Prevention

The Light Point Web File Upload and Clipboard Policies give you complete control of what gets uploaded or pasted to the web. And all uploads are logged in a searchable report.

Less Restrictive Internet Policy

Web proxies can frustrate employees by blocking access to sites that they need. Light Point Web can work with your web proxy to let your employees access these blocked sites safely.

Protection From Ransomware

Light Point Web makes it extremely hard for ransomware to infiltrate your network through the web browser. Additionally, it lets you configure your firewall to neutralize ransomware introduced through other means.

Empower Your Users.
Protect Your Business.

Let’s talk about how Light Point Web can protect your business from web-based malware while delivering unparalleled user behavior analytics.

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