The everyday act of browsing the web poses a serious threat to an organization’s network. According to an Osterman Research Report, 60% of organizations have been infected with malware as a result of web browsing. In order to address this threat, many companies have turned to Browser Isolation.

Browser Isolation (also known as Web Isolation) is a technology that moves a user’s web browsing activity to an isolated environment, like a sandbox or virtual machine, in order to protect computers from any malware the user may encounter. Gartner named Browser Isolation one of the top technologies of 2017 because it ‘keeps malware off the end user’s system’.

There is no doubt that Browser Isolation stops web-based malware in its tracks, however, there are many Browser Isolation companies, each with a unique product. How can you ensure that you are choosing the right solution for your company’s needs?

There are 2 broad areas you should evaluate when making this important decision:

  • Is this the right product to meet the Browser Isolation needs for your organization?
  • Is this the right Web Isolation vendor to partner with?

Choosing the Right Browser Isolation Product

Here are the top factors to consider when choosing a Browser Isolation product:

  • Flexibility: A good Browser Isolation solution is flexible in its implementation so that it can perfectly meet your requirements. For example, a solution that can be deployed as a cloud service or an on-premise server allows you to choose which works best for your unique needs. This also means that as your company grows and your needs change over time, the product can still serve your organization.
  • Excellent User Experience: The product you choose should be easy to use. The right Browser Isolation product will not require any behavior change or training to use it. It should work invisibly in the background and not affect a user’s browsing experience. Websites should be responsive and work as expected.
  • File Handling: Downloads from the internet can contain malware. A good Browser Isolation solution will provide an easy way for administrators to control which files users are permitted to download, as well as scan and/or sanitize the files to eliminate threats. A good Browser Isolation solution will also provide a measure of data loss prevention by allowing administrators to restrict the kinds of files that can be uploaded to the internet.
  • Remote Isolation: A good solution provides Remote Browser Isolation which refers to browser isolation that occurs on a remote server instead of the user’s local computer. The server may be on-premise or located in the cloud. Remote isolation provides better protection from web-based malware because all browsing activity is completely removed from the user’s computer and network. Additionally, it delivers better performance than local isolation because it doesn’t consume as many resources on the local client.
  • Provides Additional Security Beyond Browser Isolation: A good Browser Isolation solution will provide other features to protect your network, for example, providing detailed user behavior analytics for monitoring employees’ internet usage. If a Browser Isolation solution includes security functionality usually provided by other security tools, organizations can eliminate those tools to streamline their environment and reduce costs.

Choosing the Right Browser Isolation Vendor

When it comes to choosing a Browser Isolation vendor it’s important to understand that you are entrusting a crucial part of your organization’s security to the vendor, as such you should carefully evaluate your options.

Generally, you should choose a Browser Isolation company that has the experience and expertise to deliver a top-notch product, as well as a deep understanding of Browser Isolation. What this gets you, is a partner who can provide excellent guidance on how to protect your company from web-based malware.

Choosing a Web Isolation vendor who has experience working successfully in your industry can help with ensuring that you are compliant with regulations relating to data security. This is especially true if you are in an industry that handles customers’ personal or sensitive information.

Customer support is also very important. No one wants to work with a company that doesn’t provide excellent support and is not invested in their customers’ happiness.

Browser Isolation From Light Point Security

As the pioneers of Remote Browser Isolation, we understand what works and what doesn’t.  Our co-founders, former NSA employees, worked on some of the hardest problems in cybersecurity, so we have the expertise to build a solution that meets high-security standards.

Light Point Web, our Browser Isolation platform, integrates seamlessly into standard web browsers to provide our customers with a transparent user experience that requires no change in behavior. And its flexible deployment options are designed to meet the specific needs of any organization.

Customer support is our priority. We are fanatical about ensuring that our customers are happy and delivering top-notch customer support.

Light Point Security is the perfect size to deliver the best experience possible for our customers: we are large enough to respond quickly to customer inquiries, quickly resolve issues, and implement feature requests. Yet we are also small enough that we can make swift decisions and our team is dedicated and passionate about what we offer.

Request a demo of Light Point Web today and discover how you can protect your business from web-based malware without sacrificing user experience or productivity.