“The public internet is a cesspool of attacks, many of which are delivered to enterprise users through the everyday act of browsing the web. Attackers are easily bypassing preventative controls, such as signature-based malware scanning, firewalls and secure web gateways (SWGs). No matter how good we think we are at patching and blocking attacks, we can never be good enough, as evidenced by the recent increases in ransomware attacks.” – Gartner

The simple fact as shown by this quote is that the traditional means of preventing web-based malware infections are not enough to protect any organization from determined attackers. While the web browser is a critical part of business’ day to day business operations, it also represents a security risk that cannot be ignored.

Isolated browsing offers a foolproof solution to the problem of web-based malware. With isolated browsing, employees can access any content on the web without putting the enterprise network at risk.

Reasons Your Organization Needs Isolated Browsing

Contrary to popular belief, organizations of any size can be seriously impacted by web-based malware, here’s why:

Web Browsing Is Dangerous

Web browsers are the most common business application used today and are inherently difficult to secure because of their complexity. They carry out the most dangerous action a computer program can perform, which is to download untrusted code and execute it directly on a user’s computer. It is no wonder that browser-based attacks are the primary threat vector for attackers to target users.

According to an Osterman Research report, 60% of organizations have been infected with malware as a result of web browsing.

Legacy Detection-Based Security Products Are Inadequate

Traditional security solutions rely on threat detection and as a result, are unable to keep up with the plethora of new malware being created every day. Attackers can easily bypass these reactive solutions, such as secure web gateways, since they cannot protect against unknown threats. The consequences that can result from a web-based exploit can be enormous and can wreak havoc on an organization.

Users Are an Enormous Risk

Most users are not careful and can easily be tricked into clicking a malicious link through social engineering tactics. Organizations allocate significant budget resources to perimeter defenses, but one careless employee can circumvent it all by clicking one bad link and opening the front door for an attacker.

Benefits of Web Isolation Technology

Isolated browsing ensures no malicious web content ever reaches the corporate network by isolating all browsing activity in a remote virtual environment. Web Isolation technology is more effective than traditional web security technologies because it protects against all web-based threats.

The key benefits of this approach are:

  • Protection From Malicious Websites: Because no local code execution happens on the user’s computer, users are protected from all malicious websites.
  • Protection From Malicious Links: Since URLs are automatically opened in the isolated web browser, whether they’re in webpages, emails, documents, Skype, etc., users are protected regardless of the source.
  • Protection From Malicious Emails: With Web Isolation, all web-based emails are rendered harmlessly in the remote server, and links in email clients are automatically opened in the remote server as well.
  • Protection From Malicious Downloads: Administrators can finely control which files users are permitted to download, and all permitted downloads are first scanned or sanitized with CDR technology to eliminate threats.
  • Protection From Malicious Ads: Ads and trackers are automatically blocked. If any ads are displayed, they’re rendered remotely – protecting the user from malicious content.
  • Anonymous Browsing: Advanced anonymous browsing capabilities mask users’ true identities.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Built-in DLP capabilities protect corporate data from being accidentally or intentionally exfiltrated. These capabilities allow an administrator to restrict the files a user can upload to the internet.
  • User Behavior Analytics: Organizations can obtain analytics into users’ web activities, which can be used for compliance monitoring, and to detect insider threats and unproductive employees.
  • Reduced Number of Security Alerts: Isolating all web content on a remote server results in fewer security alerts and false positives that need to be investigated.
  • Eliminates the Cost of Web-Based Malware: The effects of a malware infection can be severe and require a substantial amount of money and time to fix. Isolated browsing protects your network completely from web-based malware.

Browser Isolation From Light Point Security

The simple act of browsing the web by your employees can open up your organization to web-based malware and the traditional, prevalent detection-based systems cannot provide adequate protection.

Browser Isolation provides enterprise malware protection by keeping all browsing activity in a remote virtual environment, thus ensuring that no malicious web content ever gets to the user’s computer or network.

As the pioneers of Web Isolation, Light Point Security offers flexible solutions for your organization’s specific needs. Our Browser Isolation platform, Light Point Web, integrates seamlessly into standard web browsers to provide our customers with a transparent user experience that requires no change in behavior.  Light Point Web can be deployed as a cloud service, a virtual appliance, or an on-premise server.

Request a demo of Light Point Web today and discover how you can protect your business from web-based malware without sacrificing user experience or productivity.