Case Study: Top Credit Union Increases Security, User Productivity and Customer Satisfaction With Light Point Web

Credit unions and other financial services organizations are known targets for hackers and cybercriminals looking to steal or gain access to personal data and money. Safeguarding against data breaches is a main priority for this top credit union that supports geographically dispersed employees and a member base spread throughout the country.

Finding the right mix of security policies and technologies was a constant battle. And one of their main concerns was ensuring end users could access emails, sites and documents without being compromised. Their tight stance on security often created tension between the IT team and employees who felt strict security policies restrained them from doing their job efficiently until they deployed the Light Point Web Full Isolation PlatformTM.

Light Point Web ensures no malicious content ever reaches their systems, which has resulted in:

  • A dramatic decrease in the number of virus alerts
  • Elimination of roughly 25 daily requests from users needing IT staff’s assistance to unblock websites
  • Enhanced client satisfaction by streamlining how member data is accessed – making it easier for members to do business with them
  • A significant increase in employee productivity by removing obstacles, and allowing every employee to seamlessly and safely access websites and safely download files
  • Assurance that laptops are protected against malware whether the user is at home or in the office
  • Confidence that every file downloaded is safe
  • Enhanced Data Loss Prevention by restricting employees from copying and pasting content into their browser or uploading documents to the web

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