Stopping Ransomware and PHI Breaches in Your Healthcare Organization

The internet is an indispensable tool for your hospital’s staff. But their web browsing exposes your organization to ransomware and other web-based malware attacks.

As the ever-increasing ransomware problem shows, traditional security products aren’t the answer, because they offer no protection against new, unrecognized attacks. It’s clearly time for different thinking and a new approach.

Browser isolation is the game-changing approach that top healthcare CISOs and IT leaders are using to protect their networks and safeguard PHI. With browser isolation technology, users’ browsing activities are moved to an environment that’s completely separated from their organization’s network. Malware gets trapped there, where it is safely contained and disposed of.

This new white paper details how browser isolation gives you the power to completely eliminate your web-based malware problems once and for all.

Learn about:

  • The rise of ransomware and its financial impact in healthcare and other industries
  • Why over 85% of all malware is now spread through web browsers
  • The high cost of data breaches in healthcare
  • Why web browsers are so dangerous
  • Why traditional security products are ineffective
  • Why isolation-based security is the best way to defeat web-based malware

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“We had problems with our staff introducing malware into our corporate network through the use of their personal email. Browser isolation allows us to very easily isolate our corporate network from these risky websites, while still making these sites available to our staff in a very user friendly way.”

CIO – Large Specialty Hospital