Fast and Easy Web Browsing From Your Production Network

A high performance isolated browser that’s MPAA compliant and dead simple to use.

Wish there was an easy way to allow your staff to browse the web from your content production network? Wish it was so easy to use that you never hear any complaints? Wish it was so fast that they can even watch videos? Now there is! With Light Point Web, you can remain compliant with the MPAA Content Security Program while allowing your users to browse the web from their desktops. Learn how easy it is in our free white paper.

In this white paper you’ll learn about:

  • MPAA’s restrictions on web browsing
  • Why Light Point Web is the most secure and easiest to use solution
  • What gives Light Point Web its superior performance
  • Light Point Web’s flexible upload controls to prevent content leaks
  • Light Point Web’s copy and paste policies to ensure MPAA compliance
  • Light Point Web’s other powerful features for maximum protection

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