Webinar: Using Remote Browser Isolation and Content Disarm and Reconstruction to Achieve Complete Protection from Web-Based Threats

Did you know that 85% of all malware is spread through your web browser? And that 94% of undetectable malware is spread through your browser? That is the sad state of affairs of the security industry.

Join industry veterans from Light Point Security and OPSWAT in this compelling joint webinar to learn how truly dangerous web browsing is to your corporate network, and how their joint solution can thwart even the most sophisticated adversaries.

This live webinar will guide you through:

  • The dangers associated with web browsing
  • Why web-based malware is so prevalent and hard to stop
  • An introduction to Remote Browser Isolation – a Gartner top 10 technology for 2016
  • An introduction to Content Disarm and Reconstruction (data sanitization) technology
  • An overview of Light Point Security’s and OPSWAT’s joint efforts to offer a complete end-to-end solution to combating this pervasive threat
  • A real world case study that applies theory to reality

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