Why Web-Based Malware Is the Most Serious Threat to Your Business

Learn how your employees’ web browsing activities expose your business to exceptional risk, and why your traditional security software is no longer capable of protecting you.

This white paper examines:

  • Why over 85% of all malware is now spread through web browsers.
  • The shocking frequency of critical vulnerabilities in the top three web browsers.
  • The rising level of zero day exploits and how most of them are targeted on web browsers and browser plugins.
  • Common methods used by attackers to direct potential victims to exploit sites, like malvertising and phishing.
  • The percentage of cyber attacks directed towards small and medium sized businesses versus large businesses.
  • The staggering cost of a data breach.
  • The rise of ransomware, which is costing businesses hundreds of millions of dollars a year.
  • Why traditional security products like anti-virus are becoming less effective each year.
  • Why isolation-based security is the best strategy to defeat web-based malware.

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